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welcome to Laborrunde on the internet. You are invited to a knowledge exchange about real world experience in planning, building and running laboratory buildings. We think that practical experience is too valuable not to exchange it with other Experts. Therefore we think it is time to build a platform that looks at building labs from a holistic point of view and optimizes the interfaces between the various experts involved in the creation of laboratory buildings. For that reason the wishes and needs of lab users are as important to us as the expert knowledge needed to get there.
Our small Berlin network was the kernel that initiated the first Laborrunde in 1995 and attracted about 80 Experts to the first conference in Berlin titled: ”Building labs - spaces as the foundation for scientific innovation"
The initial success has encouraged us to organize the 2nd Laborrunde-Konferenz in 2006. This time we had 94 Experts in Berlin talking about „Concepts for Campuses – opportunities and limits for the interaction of science and business“.
In 2007 more than 120 Participants discussed about „Optimizing, remodeling and new constructions." Then in 2008 we focussed on the optimization of working conditions in laboratories considering that man power is the most expensive and valuable asset in research.
2010s focus was on sustainability and the upcoming certificates for sustainability of buildings in Europe.
In 2011 we are als always giving some best practice insights and especially consider the aspect that science is developing so fast that when a new research building is planned it is not yet known who will be using it and how. So our title is: ”Planning, building and running laboratory buildings without known users“.

The conference language presently is German, however we are working on an international version of the conference and hope to be able to provide more information very soon. If you would like further information, please send an email to: info@laborrunde.de).

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:: The presentations of the Laborrunde 2013 are available for download. Please note all presentations are in German. If interested please send an email to: info@laborrunde.de):


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